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Welcome to the English pen sales page at Vacumania including at least Conway-Stewart, Onoto and pertinent Parkers.  Modern Parkers  from England for now will not be included here, but can be found in the several Parker pages offered. Please note that this website has no sales cart. Most pens shown are singletons, and I sometimes lag with updates noting completed sales.   Please contact me to confirm availability. Payment typically is by Paypal, though Postal Money Order can be done too. Shipping starts at about $9 insured in USA and ranges up with price of pen. International shipping tends to run $25-$50

Pen  4098 M: Mabie Todd Blackbird.  $225
English. Mottled Pearlescent Gray and Blackn(BB2/45 imprint) : Flex nib

Overall: Exc
Metal: Exc Color:  Exc .CLICK FOR LARGER PIC
Nib condition: Exc
Threads: Perfect clarity: NA

Point: Fine Full Flex Imprint:  Extra Fine
Size:  4 7/8", 12.3 cm
PRICE: $225
COMMENTS: Mabie Todd had branches in the USA and in England. English pens gave us some amazing colors and of course interesting nibs, going well into the 40s, perhaps the 1950s. This one is clean. Great color and trim. Model/Series code in butt of pen BB2/45. Lovely flexible  "blackbird"-marked 14k nib that offers flex from fine to broad+.  You just don't see these every day

Pen 4110 K 1950s Conway-Stewart #27  $225 SOLD
Gray Pearlescent "Candy Mesh" Plastic. Flex nib

Overall Grade: Extra Fine
Metal: Exc Color:  Superb
Nib condition: Exc
Threads: Perfect clarity: NA

Point: F-M F Imprint:  VG
Size: 5 1/8" 13 cm
PRICE: $225
COMMENTS:  Conway offered some of England's best pens, many featuring particularly pretty plastic. The model 27 was one of the larger pens offered. Conway offered good quality, though-- having handled a bunch over the years--  i find the trim plating tends to be weaker than that found with most American pens. This one is quite nice. Great color. Clean plastic. Excellent trim plating. Mode 27 features a big cap-band, which looks nice on the gray pen.  The maker's imprrint is weak just at the words "Conway Stewart. Neat fine-medium nib that "sings" on paper (I see that more with Pelikans) offering moderate flex for shaded writing

Pen 4048 K:   Conway Stewart 380  $110
 Oblique Nib

Overall Grade: VG-F
Metal: Exc Color:  Exc .CLICK FOR LARGER PIC
Nib condition: Exc
Threads: Exc clarity: NA
Point: Oblique! Imprint:  Exc Size: 5",  12.8 cm
PRICE: $110
COMMENTS: Mild even wear with visible but light imprint and with some trim brassing. Possibly hard rubber despite the streamlined shape (I get hint of rubber smell). No fatal flaws. Neat Oblique NIb. $110

Pen 4081 K:Pen  Mabie Todd (English Division) Swan   $185
Black Chased Celluloid (not Rubber). Flex Nib

Overall Grade: Nearmint
Metal: Superb Color: NA
Nib condition: Nearmint
Threads: Perfect clarity: NA
Point: Fine-Med Stub/Flex Imprint:  Superb
Size: 4.75" 12.5 cm
PRICE: $185
COMMENTS: English Swan by Mabie Todd.  Most pen makers gave up on chased finishes when hard rubber yielded to plastic for pen manufacture, but chased plastic pens do turn up. This one is a bit of a monster. Dating likely to the 1930s, though I can't exclude 1940s.  It riffs on the flat-top style, but with slightly beveled ends.  Condition is just superb, with clean chromr trim, unworn chasing and sharp imprints everywhere. It has the black lever I've seen with some colorful Mabies also from this era Terrific nib. Fine-med with bit of stub quality, with light touch it writes a razor thin corss stroke and fine-medium downstroke. Additionally some flex is present. With gentler pressure when pen held at modest angle to paper, the dowstroke can hit double broad.  I probably should keep this one, as I've not had another Mabie of its sort, but I don't aggressively collect this brand, so I'll let it go to someone who can appreciate it. Another one that looks even cleaner in hand than in photo.

Pen 4084 K:  SUMMITS.100 (English) $145
Full Flex Rreplacment Conway-Stewart NIb
Overall Grade: Fine+
Metal: Fine Color:  Fine
Nib condition: ExX
Threads: Perfect clarity: NA
Point: Fine Full Flex Imprint:  Exc
Size: 5 3/8" 13.6 cm PRICE: $145
COMMENTS: English chased hard rubber full sized pen. Info (Thanks to Rob Thomson at the Facebook Fountain Pens Group): " Summit is the ultimate name for the Lang-Curzons company that made pens like the various Summits, Klimax etc. they were headquartered in Liverpool, UK and were serious competitors to Conway Stewart etc."  This one grades about fine. Clip has clean intact chrom trim. Cap-band has some brassing as per the photo. Scalloped-pattern Chasing a bit worn on barrel. Mild oixdation of color to barrel. Nice sharp manufacturer's imprint. Nib is a replacement Conway, but one that has a full-flex fine point.

Pen 4049 K:  Wyvern (English) "Perfect Pen #81"  $135

Overall Grade: Exc
Metal: Exc Color:  Exc+ .CLICK FOR LARGER PIC
Nib condition: Exc
Threads: Perfect clarity: NA

Point: Med-Broad Imprint:  Exc Size: 5 1/4",  13.3 cm
PRICE: $135
COMMENTS: Thsi English Wyvern turned up in a collectinon of Conway-Stewart pens I bought a couple years ago. Quality English brand, with nice big gold nib. This one has a hefty "iridium" blob on tip, offering a nearly broad line.

Pen 4020-K   Conway Stewart 388  $190. On hold for nib adjustment
Lilac pearlsecent plastic, presumably casein.

Overall Grade: Extra Fine
Metal: Some clip brassing
Nib condition: Exc
Threads: Perfect clarity: NA
Point: Med Semi Flex Imprint:  Exc Size: 5" , 12.8 cm
PRICE: $190
COMMENTS:  Nice purple Conway-Stewart from England. Model 388. Conway trim tends to be more fragile than that found on high-line USA_made pens, and this one has some bgrassing on the clip as per the photo (rings and lever are clean). Clean plastic and sharp imprint. I'd done the photography and core text before realizing the nib needs bit of work. The tines have hint of external rotation creating "v" shaped slit in cross section. More than I can tweak. It needs to go to the nibmeister. Pen can be reserved but is not ready for prime time yet. If you want it as is or can do real nib work, I'd let it go without nib guarantee for $130 now (if claimed before it ships to nibmeister)

Vintage English Fountain Pens: Onoto and Conway Stewart

COMMENTS:  I don't specialize in English pens. I've had the pleasure to own a few vintage Conway Stewart items over the years, and recently added to my stock via purchase of a private collection.  This group is presented just in time for the release of the new Conway Stewart book, available from Sam.

Item # Model and Condition:
Nib: Price:  
3417 Onoto Minor: "Golden Web"
Condition: Excellent
The only Onoto I've owned and a sweet example at that. The gold-transparent plastic pops. Filling system seems to be a plunger set up similar to Sheaffer's. Clean trim. Razor imprint. Plastic has small ring of color fading just below clip (was there a price sticker there?). Nib is "Warranted T.L.L.R & Co. Ltd 33".  I cannot say if this is original to Onoto. Superb Flex point ranges from Fine+ to Broad+ with pressure. Hi Flex $300
2 3418 Conway Stewart 85:
Condition: Fine
Burgundy Pearl with Orange Veins:  Light frequent toothmarks to cap plastic and couple to  cap-band.  Minimal brassing and little overall wear. Fine-Med Firm. $120
3 3419 Conway Stewart 84:
Condition: Excellent+
Blue Pearl with Orange Veins:  Superb condition and Monster Nib:  Broad with nice flex and very smooth wet line. A gem.
Broad Flex $200
4 3420 Conway Stewart Dinkie 560:
Condition Excellent
"Kashmir" plastic:  Color evokes Wahl's Doric, though not quite the same. Clean pen with excellent trim and plastic. Smooth wet firm writer. Med-Broad $180
5 3421 Conway Stewart:
Condition: Excellent
Tiger Eye plastic: I don't see a model number on pen and have yet to finish reading the new Conway Stewart book, but this one is a chunky pen, large for a streamlined Conway. Color is uncommon. Great condition. Smooth wet medium writer. Medium $325
6 3422 Conway Stewart 28:
Condition: Excellent
Blue pearl reticulated plastic:  Excellent all around with responsive/semi-flex nib that goes from wet medium to broad with pressure.  Similar plastic to the Candy Stripe Parker Televisor, which was not offered in blue. Med+ semi-flex $230
7 3423 Conway Stewart 60:
Condition: Excellent
Gray "Candy-Stripe" reticulated plastic: Plastic reminiscent of Parker Televisor and some Moore pens. Clean pen with ultra smooth medium point Med $275
8 3424 Conway Stewart 85-L
Condition: Nearmint
85-L (long??): Green pearl with red veins. Superb condition, really, with great nib, wet smooth medium semi-flex hits broad with pressure. Med-Broad Semi-Flex $245
9 3425 Conway Stewart 85-L
Condition: Extra Fine
85-L (long??): Black.  Clean pen with semi-flex fine-medium point (cap-band a tad loose. Will be swaged before shipping) F-M semi-flex $135
10 3426 Conway Stewart 22 FLORAL.
Condition: Exc
Iconic Conway from the 1950's, the subject  of heady collector debate as to total production run:  Clean trim and excellent color. Most are found heavily ambered.  Couple stress marks in the clear plastic at butt of pen. Has black top jewel. Ebay currently has a horribly ambered specimen asking "$1800 OBO". Fine-Med $1050

Please contact me to confirm availability. Payment typically is by Paypal, though Postal Money Order can be done too. Shipping starts at about $9 insured in USA and ranges up with price of pen. International shipping tends to run $25-$50