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Conklin sales

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Welcome to the Conklin sales page. Please note that this website has no sales cart. Most pens shown are singletons, and I sometimes lag with updates noting completed sales.   Please contact me to confirm availability. Payment typically is by Paypal, though Postal Money Order can be done too. Shipping starts at about $9 insured in USA and ranges up with price of pen. International shipping tends to run $25-$50

1930s Conklin "sub-Endura" pens
Flex nibs


COMMENTS: Conklins 1920s flat-tops gave way to round-end pens around 1930. The high line Endura became the Endura-Symmetrik, eventually yielding to the Nozac.  During this era Conklin  offered pens priced below the high line Endura and Nozac, pens which had the same general contour, often more bold colors, and often more flexible nibs. These are well appreciated by Conklin aficianados. The group above is done in the Endura Symmetrik style, but are slender non-Enduras. Three pens are in Dawn Pearl Celluloid, while the stunning  center pen has a red/gray mix for which I've never seen a formal name. All pens save second from left are standard length, while that one is stubby, a less common variant. All of these are part of a 20+ pen Conklin collection I bought several months ago at the LA Pen Show. These date to early 1930s

Long pens are 5" (12.8cm) long. Short pens are 4 5/8" long (11.6cm). All are ~ 1.1cm wide  (cap lip, across cap opening)
Item # Details
Nib: Price  
3943 K
Dawn Pearl. Full length. Gold-filled trim. Very clean with superb trim (no brassing on clip or cap-bands).  Flexible fine+ point, akin to a more flexible Waterman Red nib though not a wet noodle Pink nib.  Clean plastic with excellent original Conklin imprints. Just a hint of ambering of gray color as shown in photo. A collector grade pen with nice eye appeal for not much more than flexy beaten-up black Waterman 52s seem to pull these days.
Fine Flex
2 3944 K
Dawn Pearl. Short. Chrome-tone trim. Excellent+ condition with clean trim, color and plastic. Excellent original manufacturer's imprint. High Flex extra fine (extra fine flexes to broad+) nib, at least as flexible as Waterman Pink nib. The short Dawn Pearl pens are a bit more uncommon than the long. On delay for trip to restorer for extra nib smoothening. If you email me within couple days of this listing and want to have the nib work done by one of your own connections, $40 discount but then  without return option for scritchy nib.

Excellent+ Extra Fine with High Flex
3945 Pearlescent Red/Gray mottled. Full length. Gold-filled trim. Excellent condition. Superb color preservaton and clean trim. Really nice fine-med point at least semi-flex smoothly giving line control up to medium-broad.  A better color. Clean trim. Great Conklin barrel imprint.
Fine+, semi-flex  $325
4 3946 Dawn Pearl pen.  Full length. Chrome tone trim. Superb condition. Color, imprint and trim all are great. High flex nib goes at least from XF to BB, with a hint of tooth.
Near Mint Extra Fine High Flex $275
43947Dawn Pearl pencil.  Full length. Chrome tone trim.
Near Mint 

Reminder:  There is no E-cart. Please email me  to confirm availability and payment at
isaacson@frontiernet.net (yes 2 'nets')

Pen 2993-S  Conklin Endura Symmetrik $195
Leaf Green with Excellent color

Overall Grade: Fine
Metal: VG Color:  Superb CLICK FOR LARGER PIC
Nib condition: Exc
Threads:  VG clarity: NA
Point:  Medium-stubbish* Imprint:  Exc Size: 5 1/4" 13.5 cm
PRICE: $195
COMMENTSGorgeous color, relatively uncommon Symmetrik. Standard size but chunky relative to competitors (fatter than Sheaffer Balance Standard for example). Nice medium-point nib with bit of stub quality (thinner cross-strokes) allowing for expressive writing. Nib is slightly later NOZAC era but still a large solid point.  Trim has bit of brassing at top and bottom of clip and on part of lower cap ring as can be seen in photo.  Color is superb. As is well known, pale pearlescent coors (green is notorious) tend to discolor severely. This one  has grand color.   Cap closes a bit off-angle but threads smoothly to close firmly. Priced down for brassing and cap angle.

Pen 2521 Conklin 1920's Gold-Filled pen $245
All Gold-Filled Pen. Clusters of vertical and squiggly lines. Flexy nib.

Overall Grade: ExtraFine
Metal: Clip Brassing Color:  Perfect CLICK FOR LARGER PIC
Nib condition: Exc
Threads:  MInt clarity:  Modest amber
Point: F-M Flex Nib Imprint:  Exc Size: 4 7/8" 12.5 cm
PRICE: $245 
COMMENTS: No dings. No gripping section corrosion. Nib baseline is fine-medium with flex up to Broad+.  Cartouche is neatly engraved "LFC"

Pen 1986 Conklin Lapis Blue "Sub Endura" Ringtop
Nearmint. Price Stickered. Stellar Color  $205  

Overall Grade: NM
Nib condition: NM
Threads:  perfect clarity:    NA
Point:  F-M  with some Flex Imprint:  NM Size: 4 1/4" with ring
COMMENTS:   It's near mint (mint save for having met ink). Color is perfect. Prie sticker still on bottom of pen. A gorgeous Lapis Conklin  "sub endura" a flat top in the style of Endura but without Endura markings (think non-white dot version of  Sheaffer white dot pen).

Please contact me to confirm availability. Payment typically is by Paypal, though Postal Money Order can be done too. Shipping starts at about $9 insured in USA and ranges up with price of pen. International shipping tends to run $25-$50
Contact: isaacson@frontiernet.net