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Pen 2630 Sheaffer Flat-Top Oversize set  $85  SOLD
From Vacumania's Basement

Overall Grade:  Good
Metal: VG Color:  So-so CLICK FOR LARGER PIC
Nib condition: Exc
Threads: Exc clarity: NA
Point: Fine Imprint:  Exc Size: 5 1/4" 13.2 cm
PRICE: $85 
COMMENTS: A worn but functioning OS Flat TOp Sheaffer. Brassing to cap rings and clip. Bit of movement to clip. Pencil mechanism uncertain. Pen does fill and writes well.

Pen 3460:  Parker Super-21 and More $80 SOLD

Overall Grade: Nearmint
Metal: NM Color:  NA
Nib condition: Nearmint
Clutch: Perfect clarity: NA
Point: Med Imprint: NA Size: 5 3/18" 13.6 cm
PRICE: $80

1) Intact Fine condition Parker "Super 21" (i think that's it), the 21 with lined cap and gold tone clip. Aero filler. Function not tested, probably works. Couple pin dings to cap. Better than many worse than some

2) VENUS. Probably late 1960's when had Esterbrook affiliation. Takes estie nib units. Clean metal cap. Significant wear to barrel but should polish to decent state.

3) Esterbrook later item cartridge pen metal cap. Nice shape could use barrel polish.

additionally... a pile of stuff.

Many but not all have nibs. Couple missing butts. One OS orange Empire.

WATERMAN Taperite Era (?Skywriter) with Star cap with couple dings but decent part donor. Horribly cracked barrel. Pretty pencil that looks like it could match an exotic CS Dinky, but who knows. A few salvageable pens. Some junk. Practice your resacing and nib tweaking. Again not all have nibs, but I think you will be more than happy, given that a cleaned up Super 21 worth a good chunk of entry price. 
Unrestored. No function warranty. Basement pens.

Pen 2560R Conklin Endura Flat-Top ringtop set  $75 Vacumania's Basement  SOLD
 Black and Bronze Celluloid

Overall Grade: ExtraFine
Metal: Exc Color:  Perfect CLICK FOR LARGER PIC
Nib condition: Exc
Thread:  Extra Fine clarity: NA
Point: XF-F  Imprint:  Exc Size: 4 3/8" 11.1 cm
COMMENTS: Pen has clean trim and plastic.  Threads grumble a bit on closing. Pen is personalized, "Helen Wilson".  Lever protrudes a tad. Pencil is tossed in as bonus and- obviously- has significant fading to the bronze panels. Pencil does NOT work (might just be jammed lead).  The pen HAS been formally restored.

Lot 1259: Parker Vac Double Broad Oblique nib, etc  $75 the lot. Not working (mostly).
Blue Vac Major is quite worn, closes by friction by just a bit of a turn. But has neat OBB semi-flex nib. Could use a bit of straightening but usable as is. None of pens are restored. All need sacs. Black subdeb vac has decent parts. The franken-51 has decent 51 pcl cap on some other pen barrel. Just for the cap. Mottled wahl pcl does not work. The Wahl Skyline PCL is pretty clean but might not work (no lead but sounds ok)

Pen 1186 : Parker Modernistic Blue Flat-Top (True Blue) ~ 1929  $105 in Vac's BASEMENT. UNRESTORED
Overall Grade: VG Trim:  near-Exc. Brass to clip ball Color:  Cap- Great. Barrel OK CLICK FOR LARGER PIC
Nib condition: EXC Threads:  Perfect Transparency:  NA Click if link is hot, for more info
Point: Fine-Med Imprint:   Excellent Size:  sub- 5" model. Squat but short. PRICE: $105
COMMENTS: Note the pen itself is QUITE sound, but that that the black endpieces are worn. They have some toothmarks and have wear to the knurling.  Imprint is great, cap color is excellent and barrel has a not evil degree of ambering. As this pen is from the "Basement" , the buyer will need to resac it, if he  wishes to make the pen a user.

Pen 1160: Parker Lady Duofold with uncommon "Jeweler's Band"  $50 from VAC's BASEMENT. DOES fill
Overall Grade: VG Trim:  clip lots brass. Band moderate brass. Color:  Excellent CLICK FOR LARGER PIC
Nib condition: EXC Threads:  Cap closes a bit off center. Transparency:  NA Click if link is hot, for more info
Point: Semi-flex fine point. Imprint:   PERFECT Size:  1/2" by 4 6/7" or so.  PRICE: $50
COMMENTS:  An interesting 1940's "Striped" Duofold featuring a quite uncommon "Jeweler's" capband (factory original).  Probably one in 100 of these has this capband. But this one has some issues, as noted above. It works, at least. About as entry level as one will get to this neat subseries of pen. If one tries, he can find 8 different  Striped Duofold pens with this trim, counting colors and sizes.

Lot 1264:  Pile of Stuff  $125 the lot
Nice color mix of midsize (4.5") Sheaffer flat-tops all with clips.
1)    Green celluloid  non-lifetime "5-30" with 5-30 nib. Clean trim. Modest even discloration. no cracks. Nice pen. Sharp imprint. Clean pen.
2)  Orange celluloid 3-25 also with correct nib.  HAIRLINE CRACK in caplip clean trim good imprint. Orange Radite, whilst hardly uncommon, is less commonly seen than black, jade or black/pearl.
3) Black noon-lifetime (? 3-25) but fitted with upgraded Lifetime nib (a bit of a mix)  Fine-XF point. Clean pen.

Lot 1260:  2 Decent SHeaffer Snorkels and a quite nice Black Balance Jr.  $60 the lot. 1 snork fills.
The little black 1937-40-ish Balance in fact is quite clean- especially that at-risk chrome trim. Will be near Excellent with bit of cleaning. Needs sac. The snorks grade fine+. One  Snork fills (for how  long, though???).  A quite decent bunch for the bucks.

Lot 1251:  4 Different Sheaffer Flat-Top Pens including 2 OS (one with a Flex 7-30 nib) in one of the OS's
$150 for all 4. ALL WORK ALL WORK ALL WORK
1) Med size Black Lifetime Clip Top.  VG condition
3) OS 7-30  FLEXIBLE nib,  Top of pen looks to have been polished down heavily, possibly to "erase' a white dot. Flawed pen. Nice user.  crack at base of nib not affecting function. Note that at J. Mottishaw's great nib site, clean 7-30 nibs price at $150 alone. This one is flawed of course.
2) OS. VG shape (lots capband brass) Early "lifetime" nib (pre- serial number)  Inside of cap (not outside) looks like treated to caustic solution- texturized inside, but functions and looks ok from without. NOT collector grade No cracks. 4) another decent med size Black Lifetime (white dot) with what looks like big honkin OS nib in the feed. 

Pen 1168 Pair of unrestored Lo/No-Name ~1930's lever filler celluloid pens. $65 from Vacumania's Basement. Unrestored
green pen is a no namer checkerboard pen is by Congress. CLICK FOR LARGER PIC
COMMENTS:  The larger no-name pen at top is interestingn in that it uses a lovely green-with-black-veined celluloid best known for  appearing in the Conklin Endura Symmetric. Decent color with clean trim on the cap, note the lever is all brassed.  The bottom pen is by Congress in an outrageous checkerboard pink/black plastic. This one illustrates one of the principles brought out in Erano's "Fountain Pens Past and Present. 2nd Ed" in that what appears to be a quadruple cap-band in fact is a single capband with painted black lines to simulate divisions. This was done by lower price point pen manufacturers to mimic the truly split capbands of better makes. Both pens will need re-sac but could make fun projects for someone dabbling at his own restorations. Or, i'll be happy to refer you to pen repairmen.

Pen LOT 1185: Sheaffer Snorkel, Estie early dollar pen (two-hole clip), Oxford etc  PRICE: $80 the Lot from Vacumania's Basement.
COMMENTS :   The core of this bulk lot revolves around the blue marble Wahl Oxford, Black Sheaffer Snorkel andGreen Esterbrook Dollar pen with early-style two-hole clip. Lots of other junky plastic tossed in. A modern Sheaffer imperial, a no-name big red pen with no nib, some mid-50's Sheaffers, etc.

Interestingly, the Wearever (b roken  bottom cap will not thread) looks quite a bit like the Conklin net to it?  Common manufacture???
click here for larger picture
PRICE: $80 the lot

Pen LOT 1182: Sheaffer Pens!   $90 the Lot from Vacumania's Basement
COMMENTS : all unrestored. nice parts or user-pen potential

1) Sheaffer Standard Balance Marine Green Marble. Tarnished not brassed. Unusual "seamed" plastic with hairline/separation just at cap lip. Needs inner cap shellaced back in. Clean fine point nib.

2) Vac Filler Standard Lifetime. Clean two tone nib, worth the price of entry.

3) Another Marine Green marble lifetime balance. Capband has some diings and name engraved in it. Will resac into a tolerable user
PRICE: $90, the lot

Pen LOT 1180: Waterman Taperite, Parker Vacs and Duofolds PRICE: $90 the lot in Vacumania's Basement
COMMENTS : clean waterman taperite. trashed parker toothbrush duofold with bizarre replacement capband, capcracks discoloration brassing. Good parker english nib. Scarce late canadian Burgundy Vad Junior (never made in USA in this color). Heavy wear. Cap closes a bit funnily. Worn but OK striped duofold,  Worn Shadowwave Vac Pencil working. Sheaffer pencil
PRICE: $90, the lot

Pen LOT 1181: Sheaffer Pens!  PRICE: $90 the lot from Vacumania's Basement
COMMENTS :   Bottom to Top

1) Ringtop Black/pearl Sheaffer Balance Lifeime. Cap lip hairlines. Good nib and threads. Nice user potential
2) Long Standard early Jade LIfetime Balance. Ringtop standards ar not so common. All correct parts. nice fine point nib.
3) Standard black/pearl lifetime balance. Hairlines in cap lip. nice fine point nib
4) Black Parts Sheaffer. All clean parts but cap will not thread at all on barrel. NICE nib
PRICE: $90, the lot

Pen LOT 1183: Parker 51 Pile!  PRICE: $150 the Lot from Vacumania's Basement.
COMMENTS :   Parker VS (vac Successor) in brown with black blind cap. Bunch of 51's, several with vac-filler. One pen missing top jewel Couple with faded top jewel. Worth the parts. Or, practice your restoration skills.  These babies done have seen better days, as dey say!
PRICE: $150, the lot

Lot 1108:  five Esterbrook pens. One with bad nib.  $90 the lot
COMMENTS :  FIVE Esterbrooks. One with bad nib (they can be found on the net for $5 and just screw in). Red and Brown slender pens, Black Green and Blue Larger models. Four have supple sacs and likely fill. One certainly needs sac.  All would benefiit from light polish. One has a BROAD nib. All would benefit from bit of nib smoothening.  A Pretty cluster of pens

Click for larger pic
PRICE: $90, the lot.

Pen 1101: Early Sheaffer Flat top goldfill pen, Wahl Doric pencil and other stuff. PRICE: $45 the lot.
COMMENTS :   Early and uncommon sheaffer all goldfill pen. Worn. couple dings. Parker Parkette. quite worn. The Elgin below it is vbery pretty. Sheaffer cartridge pen included. Large Wahl Doric pencil has crazing and discoloration. A Vac-filler Parker 51 is included, has wrong clip and bad nib.
click here for larger picture
PRICE: $45, the lot

Pen 1111 Used Parker 21 in a teal-color (on left) and other wee junkers. PRICE: $20, the lot.
COMMENTS :   Green/Teal Parker 21 on the left- aero unit might even fill. Sheaffer cartidge filler. Black Epenco with intact generic nib. Sheaffer pencil. A pertty/re green no-nami pen with sheaffer nib in it. other scattered  stuff.
Click for larger pic
PRICE: $20 the lot.

Pen 1106: Two Parker Vacs and a Duofold  PRICE: $130, the lot. couple tougher variants.
COMMENTS :   The top Silver Pearl Vac is a somewhat uncommon so-called "Jeweler's Capband" variant. Nice nib. Not very brassed but lots of wear to the chrome trim. Middle pen is a LATE correct canadian single jewel Burgundy Vac Debutante. Major flaw is nearly-gone imprint. Nice nib. The third pen is e 1940's vacumatic-based striped parker Duofold. Clean-ish pen with slight bend in end of nib (nib block, anyone?).  A little attention will make all of these look nicer.
Click for larger pic
PRICE: $130

Pen 1100: 4 Parker Vacs and pair of modern calligraphy pens  PRICE: $160 the lot. FLEX NIB VAC!
COMMENTS :   Two Jet Black Parker Vacumatic Major pens. An EMERALD SENIOR MAX PENCIL, striped top jewel with moderate to heavy trim wear. mechanism clicks but not filled with lead- let us assume not working (but might be).

The double jewel azure blue pen is interesting. Probably canadian, it has a high-flex nib probably worth $90 by itself. Pen is shorter than double-jewel pen should be and has NO barrel imprint. Nib is canadian and pen probably is too. WIll need ink flow adjust to keep up with the flex. Will be a fun user. 

Also to modern Calligraphy pens i picked up at Susan Wirth's fine table at a pen show. i just don't use 'em. Think they retail for $40 each, but don't hold me to that.
click here for larger picture
PRICE: $160, the lot

Pen 1105: Pile o' Sheaffers. Priced as parts. Couple decent ones.  PRICE: $125, the lot.
COMMENTS :   Mess o' Sheaffers.  Starting with a short fat Black/Pearl lever filler, we move to a pump-fill Military clip brown balance.  A Black lifetime military clip balance with lots of brassing. ANother Brown pumper Brown military Balance- SET. NOTE  the clip top rises higher than it should over the top of the pen (looks to have been set that way from the get go).  A pretty and not common transparent black/gray set in junior trim, and a spare cap with some brassing. Pencils probably do not work. Moderate-heavy brassing on some of them.  5 sheaffer nibs and pens that can become users.
Click for larger pic
PRICE: $130

Pen 1109: Parker Duofold, Parker challenger, Sheaffer Ebonized Pearl Balance.  issues. PRICE: $90, the lot.
COMMENTS :   The Sheaffer has supple sac, others will need sac.  The Challenger (1939 Slender model)  will grade Fine once cleaned up. Clean trim, few barrel scratches. The Duofold Junior at top has hairline in cap lip and later (still 14k of course) Parker Vacumatic Arrow nib. Barrel ambering is noted. The Sheaffer has a supple sac. It is a user pen at best with a bit of melt (you can see it) on cap below lip and also on threads- yet the threads work.  A cap/barrel from a Parker striped 1940's Duofold is tossed in in case anyone can use the parts. 
Click for larger pic
PRICE: $90, the lot.

pen 1113: Sheaffer Balance Jade celluoid 1st year "long" Standard. Price $90
Overall Grade : extra fine Trim: Exc Color: Fine (modest darkening) CLICK FOR LARGER PIC
Nib Condition: Exc Threads: exc Click if link is hot, for more info
Point: FINE Imprint: SHARP Size: > 5.5" by 1/2" cap PRICE: $90
COMMENTS :  A nice clean early-style Jade Balance with modest barrel darkening but with better color than most. Has a functioning sac. no Cracks. A nice pen that i felt on a whim like tossing in the "basement". Could use a light buffing.

Pen 1017: NICE pile of ballpoints/pencils. 4 "flighter" Parker 45 pieces, two twist pencils and two injector ballpoints. And three other pens. $60 dollars, the lot
Overall Grade: EX, for the flighters Trim: excellent Color: excellent CLICK FOR LARGER PIC
Nib Condition: NA Threads: NA Transparency: NA Click if link is hot, for more info
Point:NA Imprint: sharp,complete,excellent Size PRICE: $60 dollars, the lot
COMMENTS:  Parker pens done in stainless steel are termed "Flighters". The first flighters were from the Parker 51 series.  The items above are more humble Parker 45 flighters, in very nice shape, awaiting refills. Turn your pens into three-piece sets. :-) 

Also included are three more pens. One which might be a Parker 180 ball pen or roller ball, as well as two jotter-esque items. These last three are way beyond my focus, so please feel free to disagree on the model names.

Pen 1018: Pile o' Parkers.  Parker 51's and 45's.  10 piece lot.   $125 the lot
Overall Grade: VG to Poor Trim:mixed Color: reasonable CLICK FOR LARGER PIC
Threads: na. clutches all function Transparency: NA Click if link is hot, for more info
Point: FINE, generally Imprint: sharp,complete,excellent Size PRICE: $125 the lot
COMMENTS:  A ragtag bunch of pens. Unrestored. Nice supply of nibs and parts. Good practice pens. Would make nice writers if you wish to restore them. 

4 Parker 51's. Couple Parker 45 sets. 

Note the green parker 45 has a melted/squishy hood. Also included is one more black pen body not shown in the pic

Pen 1062: Sheaffer Standard Balance Set in Gray-with-Red-Veins. "User Grade" d/t "hairline" in the cap lip $95 the set
Set is in working order
Overall Grade: User Grade (EXC save for hairline cap lip crack) Trim: excellent Plastic:: excellent color. NOTE personal name in barrel CLICK FOR LARGER PIC
Nib Condition: EXC Threads: PERFECT Transparency: NA Click if link is hot. for more info
Point: FINE firm Imprint: sharp,complete,excellent Size: Standard 5 3/8 by 1/2" PRICE: $95 the set
COMMENTS:  A clean looking but user grade blance set due to a hairline in the cap lip (tight and stable, looks like a scratch, but isn't). A very pretty and otherwise intact set. Would make nice daily user. Has personal name in barrel. Color is nice. 

Pen 1025: Parker Vacumatic "Jeweler's Band", "Sub Major", 1941. Replacement Blind cap  $55
This one is in good working order
Overall Grade: Fair, at best. Trim:fair Color: excellent CLICK FOR LARGER PIC
Nib Condition: exc Threads: PERFECT Transparency: NA Click if link is hot, for more info
Point: FINE Imprint: sharp,complete,excellent Size: 5" by 1/2" PRICE: $55
COMMENTS:  A problem pen.  significant capband wear at top and bottom 2mm. Replacement smooth blind cap (1941 Jeweler's Band pens should be double jeweled).  Writes decently and has a good sac. I don't wanna own it anymore. This is the same model (or should be) as the crisp silver pen offered elsewhere in this sale

Pen 1016: Pile O' Stuff:  OS COMBO WITH  FLEX 14k nib, bunch o' sheaffers, etc.
Overall Grade: ranges VG- Poor Trim:  generally decent Color: generally decent CLICK FOR LARGER PIC
Nib Condition:  Threads: pens thread well. Transparency: NA Click if link is hot, for more info
Point:  Imprint: generally decent. Size: NA PRICE: $80
COMMENTS:  This is a real mix. Note that pens are NOT restored. This is a low price grab bag. 

Perhaps the highlight is a low-name oversized Combo (??if pencil section is a replacement) with a nice gold Full Flex Nib. Pen needs a sac, but will make a very very nice writer. 

TWO Sheaffer Triumph-nib  striped "TwoTone" celluloid pens are included, from the mid 1940's, one in Carmine and one in Marine Green. These both are Vac-fillers and the vac fillers will need restoration. 

One Gray Esterbrook. Clean pen overall. 

Two low-mid level 1950's Sheaffer pens (pea green and blue sets) Touchdown fillers (not snorks). There is barrel discoloration on the blue pen that *might* polish away. 

A pencil possibly by Autopoint is included.

Pen 1069: Sheaffer Balance Standard (one size behind OS) Marine Green Marble. User Grade -hairline in caplip-
Restored in good working order.
Overall Grade: User Grade (excellent save for hairline in caplip) Trim: excellent Color: esome barrel ambering CLICK FOR LARGER PIC
Nib Condition: exc Threads: PERFECT Transparency:. section (poassibly a later section) nicely clear Click if link is hot, for more info
Point: XF-F Imprint: sharp,complete,excellent Size: OS ~ 5.375" by 0.5" PRICE: $65
COMMENTS:  Rendered imperfect by a hairline cap crack, this would make a nice user for someone who wishes to write in an XF hand.

lot 1112: Mixed junkers. FREE to good home if any other lot/pen purchased with it.from Vacumania 
COMMENTS:  clear barreled sheaffer low priced pen, various pencils. one PARKER JOTTER.
PRICE: Free to anyone who buys another pen or pile from Vacumania. First to claim it gets it :-)  PLEASE get 'em out of my sight!

Pen 1110: Sheaffer celluloid "miltiary" clip 1940's Balance : some wee junkers. PRICE: $20, the lot.
COMMENTS :   A Sheaffer brown-stripe military clip Balance in the center- will polish up OK, decent nib. Vac filler not working. Several sheaffer pencils on top- probably not working. Sheaffer Imperial (modern) cartridge filler toward the right. Weirdly engraved-cap sheaffer at the very right. A smattering of early HR with cracks, missing nibs and the like, and couple dip items and desk pens. All the value here is in the military clip sheaffer's nib and in the later imperials. A humble lot. 
Click for larger pic
PRICE: $20 the lot.

Pen 1107: LOVELY Snakeskin lo-nami pen (Majestic) and other practice pens. PRICE: $35, the lot.
COMMENTS :   The Majestic- at left- is a VERY pretty pen in a marbled snakeskin pattern. usual wear/loss of the washed trim is noted. This one could clean up intoa a neat, inexpensive user.  Several other low end items tossed in. Red pen in middle and wearever third from right have broken nibs. Pencils probably don't work. Nice opportunity to practice polishing, smoothening and resacing on the cheap. Again, the Majestic will make a pretty user pen.
Click for larger pic
PRICE: $35

Pen 1104: 7 pens. Another pile o' Sheaffers n' a Waterman..  PRICE: $125, the lot.
COMMENTS :   All could use some polish. Some have significant brassing.  3 leverl-fill sheaffers, 1 lever fill Waterman, 3 pump-fill Sheaffers. Nibs alone worth price of entry. But, i'm sick of looking at them. MELT spot on small silver sheaffer.

c lick here for larger picture
PRICE: $125, the lot


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